Sunday, April 25, 2010

around the house

I don't make many claims to be a landscape photographer. I prefer to take pictures of people. But with spring in the air, things around my house are looking so pretty so I decided to capture some of the beauty. We moved into this house last May and we didn't really plant any of this stuff so it's exciting to see
what's been coming up.

we have a pink tree...
purple flowers...
green leafs...
and more pink flowers
i thought for sure we killed the hostas last year, but they're back!
oh, and we have lots of little purple flowers

Saturday, April 17, 2010

two blog posts in a month?

For my readers this may be confusing, but I am indeed posting twice in one month. Prior to my previous post I hadn't blogged for like three months. Winter was a bit slow, but hopefully with this nice weather I'll have a lot more pictures to post.

So if you were thinking, "wow, I would love to have some nice pictures of me, my family, my life, whatever" then this is a great time to take them. So just contact me if you wanna set something up.

I'll end my post with a blog favorite, my nephew Cory. He is just such a great subject.

love that foot

hi, mom. i love your face.

he has the best cry face

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Meet Mitch, he's a pretty cool guy.

My favorite
He sort of climbed a wall so I could get this picture

Oh, did I mention he's a cheerleader? I made him do this like 100 times