Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello Downtown

We spent some time around downtown this weekend. Below are pictures we took of each other today. We walked around for a long while, I really do like Fort Wayne.

Thanks to Marc for taking pictures of me, he's pretty good
My favorite

Yeah that's my husband
Finally made it to a Tin Caps game on Friday night
The folks


  1. I miss you guys so much! It looks like things are going well. Chelsea, the pictures are looking great I really like your first picture you posted; I actually would love to frame it if you would not mind. I will give you full credit for it, I will even purchase it from you. You have a artistic eye don't give up. Well, tell that good lookin model in your pictures I said hi and that I miss him. TC

  2. Oh, by the way TGCJ is Tom Chamberlin...